RAHETID Bowel Heath Series: Piles Information

Professor Dr Raqibul Anwar was approached by a health care media organisation “সুস্থতাই সুখ” (Sushtotai Sukh) “Health is happiness” to participate in a series of television programmes on anal conditions and disease of the colon and rectum. Professor Anwar chose haemorrhoids or commonly known as piles, anal fissure that may begin with trauma or present as symptoms of sinister disease such as cancer, fistula-in-Ano, an abnormal connection between the skin around anus or vagina and internally in the anal canal or the rectum with a potential to be more complex.

Considering the exponential increase in the incidence and prevalence of Bowel Cancer in the region discussion to provide comprehensive information on colon and rectal cancer has been incorporated in this series of discussion programmes.

Discussion has been held in Bengali for obvious reason, the language of information delivered is directed to the consumption of common people and emphasis has deliberately been biased more towards prevention through life style changes and food habit.

Professor Dr Raqibul Anwar sincerely hopes the information brought to public domain through this series of programmes would benefit millions of people not only in Bangladesh, but population across the globe.

The first two episodes in the series inform viewers about piles. You can view these below, or on RAHETID’s Facebook page.

Sushtotai Sukh & RAHETID Bowel Health Series Episode 1: Piles Part 1


Sushtotai Sukh & RAHETID Bowel Health Series Episode 2: Piles Part 2