Patient Journey

At RAHETID we strive to guarantee that every patients’ journey during every step is as smooth as possible.

During you time at RAHETID, you are cared for as an individual and your treatment is administered with dignity, kindness, respect and compassion. Your perception of your experience of care is an important priority for our hospital. Our experienced and skilled staff deliver the highest possible standards of quality care.


The first steps

All journeys that are at RAHETID either start in our outpatient department or as an emergency patient.

If you are an emergency patient, you will be seen by our emergency team and skilled consultant. They will decide the best course of emergency treatment and stabilise you. Once stabilised, we will then decide with a multi team approach, what course of action to take. We aim to treat you effectively and efficiently and send you home as soon as you are ready.

Patients who come in via the outpatient department will be met by our nursing team, who will undertake a set of baseline observations. They will then see our consultant who will set about determining the best course of action for their treatment. After talking to the patient and taking a comprehensive assessment and history, the consultant will order a set of tests and scans in order to obtain a true diagnosis. With advice and analysis for the multi-disciplinary team, and with consultation with the patient and their family, the treatment options available will be discussed and the preferred option will be instigated. If surgery is required information regarding the procedures will explained, consent forms filled in and any queries answered. Our senior anaesthetic consultant also carries out a fitness for surgery assessment.



Day surgery or overnight patients will come in on the morning of the procedure. They will be greeted by our surgical team and any questions or doubts raised will be addressed. Consent will be checked and retaken. Following the procedure patients will be recovered and then stabilised and then sent home once they have passed urine.

Longer stay patients will follow the same setup, with the exception that they may be recovered and spend a few days in our high dependency unit for closer monitoring. Once stable, they will be discharged home. We ask that patients’ visitors follow and respect our policies with regards to times and numbers. This is done in order to maintain infection control.


Post discharge

Following discharge we arrange for follow up appointments to see the progress of your recovery. However, if at any time you feel unwell or have immediate concerns we ask you to inform us straight away.

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